How Course Accreditation Works

  1. Course submission: the sponsor or applicant must complete an application form for each course and presenter, and submit the application in writing with the required documentation.

  2. NACOR will review documents submitted by the provider.

  3. NACOR will then:
    • Accept and assign a CE category to the course: EG, CL, EC, or RF; or
    • Reject the course submission.
    • Determine the number of credits to be awarded.
    • If content warrants, assign a course credit multiplier to the submission.

  4. NACOR will assign a course code.

  5. NACOR will post the course on the NACOR website, by listing the course code, title and assigned credits.

  6. Send a letter via email to provider to confirm the course accreditation.

  7. If NACOR rejects the course submission, the provider may appeal to NACOR in writing within 10 days of receipt of rejection notice.